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Squid Heroes 2: 1
One month later, everything changed after Jasmin's birth. Sakura was heading to Ganondorf and Nabooru's apartment as she was riding a bike, waiting at a light at the intersection as she was shaking. Volga hasn't been home one bit, not since the hospital incident one month ago. It was like Jasmin was turning their lives upside down once again. Sakura sat in thought as she sighed, shaking her head. The teen saw the light turn green as she started pedaling again, looking around.
A new Square was being erected in less than a year, making her excited. In time for when she would be another year older, getting a part time job and being a bridesmaid at her mother's wedding, if Rena would get married to her boyfriend. Sakura had to turn down a road, shaking a bit. Her mother put up missing person report on Volga, using all his information as she remembered it going:
Volga Frederick Prenoto, Age- 25 to 26, birthday July 23rd, height about 6'8" tall with red hair and pale green eyes with a pale c
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Collab Her Hero by zeldaxfanatic Collab Her Hero :iconzeldaxfanatic:zeldaxfanatic 17 3
Squid Heroes 2: Prologue
One month before the events that will change everything, night was upon Inkopolis. Two squids laid peacefully in bed, the male having his hands on his wife's stomach, rubbing it. His red hair was up in a tight ponytail, his eyes shut as his scar was shown. The male didn't bother hiding it anymore, after having short, scruffy hair for the longest time now happy it is back to its full length. Damn that Octopus for cutting it all off, damn him!
"Ganny," his wife whispered, turning to look at him as she was starting to breathe quite fast. Her golden eyes were frantic as she screamed in pain, clinging to him. "Ganny!"
Ganondorf looked shock as he swooped his wife into his arms. "I got you honey, I got you..." he reassured her, grabbing his iSquid and sending out a group text that read 'It's time.'
It was obvious. The group has been planning for Nabooru's labor for months. They pitched in to buy the new apartment as Volga gave some of his checks to Ganondorf after publishing his newest book
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Squid Heroes 2 Cover by zeldaxfanatic Squid Heroes 2 Cover :iconzeldaxfanatic:zeldaxfanatic 3 0 Dorky Love by zeldaxfanatic Dorky Love :iconzeldaxfanatic:zeldaxfanatic 3 0 OOT ZeLink GB by zeldaxfanatic OOT ZeLink GB :iconzeldaxfanatic:zeldaxfanatic 6 0 Pride Month 2018: Transgender by zeldaxfanatic Pride Month 2018: Transgender :iconzeldaxfanatic:zeldaxfanatic 3 9 HW ZeLink Genderbend by zeldaxfanatic HW ZeLink Genderbend :iconzeldaxfanatic:zeldaxfanatic 7 3 WindWaker Genderbent TeLink by zeldaxfanatic WindWaker Genderbent TeLink :iconzeldaxfanatic:zeldaxfanatic 6 0 BOTW Genderbend: Linka and Zene by zeldaxfanatic BOTW Genderbend: Linka and Zene :iconzeldaxfanatic:zeldaxfanatic 6 0 GUG Link and Ganondorf by zeldaxfanatic GUG Link and Ganondorf :iconzeldaxfanatic:zeldaxfanatic 2 0
Forbidden Love: Chapter 3
Kakariko Village is a peaceful settlement where all the Sheikah train, mostly a peaceful tribe unlike their dobbleganger: The Yiga Clan. The Yiga clan wants Calamity Ganon to arise once more as their master, wanting to revive him as the Sheikah did not support their ideas, supporting the Royal Family of Hyrule against their ideas of the Calamity returning, even if it is being rumored it will revive once more and reek havoc across Hyrule.
The village was located in the Lanayru Region, in the mountains with a beautiful view overlooking the land as a rumor Great Fairy lived nearby, willing to enhance anyone’s clothing if they had the materials and clothing required. The Sheikah were quite loyal to the Royal Family, Impa being the leader as she went away on business to the Hylians.
Zelda walked with Urbosa to the village, knowing it was the closest place they all could meet at and discuss the rouge Yiga; Link. Revali being his usual asinine self, Mipha standing in the water as Daruk
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Moonlight Ganon  by zeldaxfanatic Moonlight Ganon :iconzeldaxfanatic:zeldaxfanatic 2 0 Cera Marie Dragmire -NabsGan child- by zeldaxfanatic Cera Marie Dragmire -NabsGan child- :iconzeldaxfanatic:zeldaxfanatic 1 0
Squid Heroes: Epilogue
Weddings were always beautiful. They just were. Friends and family getting together to witness the permanent arrangement of Mister Ganondorf Dragmire and Nabooru Alayan, a squid who is pregnant for five months and Ganondorf a working man, making an income to get them a new place to live. Nabooru picked her bridesmaids and Ganondorf his Man of Honor and his groomsmen, Nabooru choosing Sakura as her Maid of Honor.
The Wedding March played as Ganondorf stood still at the altar, anticipating his lover. There was a rumor that a Miss Sakura Lairne Prenoto made the wedding dress. The bridesmaids stood still and silent, the groomsmen talking among themselves quietly as the bride walked down the lane, the flower girl moving to the side as the ring bearer was waiting quietly. The bride was wearing a ombré pink dress that transition from a white to a light pink to a pink at the end, her hair done up all specially for the occasion as the veil covered her face.
Ganondorf took her hand once she
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Mothers Day for Nabooru
Cera was drawing a picture with her older sister as she was giggling. “J look!” she said as the sibling looked down, smiling as she seen her little sister’s drawing of her mother, Nabooru. She had added flowers to the background, drawing some roses and dandelions as well as carnations. “J can you write please?” she ask.
“Sure Cera,” She took a color pencil as she wrote in cursive a poem. “Mother is the best, mother been there for us, mother cares for her children, mother raises her daughters. Mother loves us all,” the older sister said to Cera.
“It’s perfect!” she giggled as she folded the paper up perfectly, and placing it into a envelope. “Mommy is gonna love it!” She handed it to her sister as she held it, writing down ‘Mother Nabs’ as she sealed the envelope shut. “Now lets go get her a present!”
The older princess picked up Cera as they left the castle, going to a floral sho
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One month later, everything changed after Jasmin's birth. Sakura was heading to Ganondorf and Nabooru's apartment as she was riding a bike, waiting at a light at the intersection as she was shaking. Volga hasn't been home one bit, not since the hospital incident one month ago. It was like Jasmin was turning their lives upside down once again. Sakura sat in thought as she sighed, shaking her head. The teen saw the light turn green as she started pedaling again, looking around.

A new Square was being erected in less than a year, making her excited. In time for when she would be another year older, getting a part time job and being a bridesmaid at her mother's wedding, if Rena would get married to her boyfriend. Sakura had to turn down a road, shaking a bit. Her mother put up missing person report on Volga, using all his information as she remembered it going:

Volga Frederick Prenoto, Age- 25 to 26, birthday July 23rd, height about 6'8" tall with red hair and pale green eyes with a pale complexion.

Sakura felt her stomach twist and her chest hurting, her having to get on the side walk and getting off the bicycle, placing the stopper down from it leaning as she held the handlebars tightly. She took a deep breath as crowds walked by her, her kicking the stopper up and walking slowly, breathing hard. What if Volga is dead? He can't be.....he just can't be dead. Sakura felt like she was jumping to conclusions as she stopped at a crosswalk, seeing the apartment stead ahead.

When the light change for her to walk, she ran across, bringing the bike as fast as she can. It was an old one, starting to rust with old stickers of the Chirpy Chips and Squid Squad stickers all over it, an octopus sticker somewhere on the frame that's fading with time as well as the grimace red with orange decal. The tires hadn't been changed in a long time, the bicycle sitting in her 'bedroom' ever since she had to be four and Volga was riding it to and from school. She could remember him placing it in the room after he turned eighteen, her always hating seeing the ugly hunk of metal that should of been melted down and used for anything, scrap even.

Sakura parked the bike at the metallic red rack outside the apartments, her chaining and locking it but barely caring if anyone took it but honestly did. She did have money for the bus but if she forgot her bus pass, it would be almost an hour's walk home and she usually had Volga pick her up since their mother worked from the morning to the evening. She opened the front door to the lobby, heading to the elevator as she started texting Nabooru on her iSquid, telling her she was on her way up.

The teen felt nervous about the elevator stopping as she held the railing inside it after the doors closed, seeing it and feeling it going up from the lobby. The music was better than her apartment's elevator music, at least playing Turquoise October. The neighborhood was actually Octo-Squid, meaning it was co living with the Octolings and the Squidlings, both getting along as there was little of gangs unlike other parts of the metropolis. It was peaceful, everyone knowing each other and great stores coming soon so it would be more like hangouts for the co living former enemies. The neighborhood proves Octolings are not all bad or working for Octavio, even a rising star named Marina coming from the neighborhood.

When the ding was heard and the door open, it wasn't looking pretty. Sakura stepped off as she walked to Door 456, hearing yelling and crashing. The door was slammed open before she could even knock and Ganondorf pushed passed her. "I didn't lose her!"

"Yes you did you jerk!" Nabooru retorted. Sakura was in the middle between them, looking at Ganondorf as he had blood trickling down his face as a vase shard was in his forehead, not that he cared or anything. "You took your eyes off Jasmin for a minute to greet some kids and when you came back, she was gone!"

"I filed for missing baby Nabs!" Ganondorf snarled. "They're gonna find our little daughter, our Jas until hell freezes over! We will find her ourselves, we can get through this together."

Nabooru sniffed as she sobbed. "I want my baby back, Ganondorf. I want my cute little girl back." She walked past Sakura and hugged Ganondorf, crying into his chest. "I want her, I want her...."

"Should I come back?" Sakura finally spoke up as the couple was having a moment. "I came to watch Jasmin for you guys like we planned."

Nabooru turned and looked at the teen, sighing. "We took a family trip to Wahoo World and Ganondorf met some fans of his, taking his eyes off Jasmin while I used the restroom and when he turned around and I came back, Jasmin wasn't in her stroller," She broke down into tears again, "we can still pay you for the time."

"I don't want to cause anymore heartache, I'll go home." Sakura told them. "I'll just remind you guys of missing your baby girl, I'm sorry." She strode back to the elevator and hit the down button, hearing Ganondorf coming up behind her.

"Listen shorty, you'll take the damn money and don't say a word alright? This is our problem and the police so if you blab to your little friends, you'll be lucky to see the sun again," he hissed as he shoved her a wad of about a hundred and fifty in their currency as well as some fifty cent. Sakura shoves it into her pocket as the door open, her stepping through as the last thing she saw before it close was Ganondorf going back to the apartment door and comforting Nabooru, both walking inside.

When Sakura got home, the news was on as she set the bike down near the wall next to the door then lounged on the couch, taking her gloves off and her helmet. She turned the television on, watching some of a teen medical drama that a doctor was trying to resuscitate a jellyfish far too gone.

"You can try but his heart is too weak to restart, too late even," she muttered as her phone vibrated, ignoring it. It was a guy she knows texting her about plans to see a movie together like usual. She didn't like the guy and she didn't like movie theaters, preferring to stay inside with cheaper popcorn and free drinks with an arrange of movies on the VCR and movie channels too. Sakura sighed as she kept hearing her phone vibrate, ignoring it more.

The teen was use to being alone in the apartment since her brother got home from college at five and her mom from work around seven. Sakura was use to fending for herself while they worked to support the family and Volga planning to move out. Ghirahim already left as she felt alone without her uncle to bother and play with. Now she thought about it, how long have they been living in the apartment? It was in an expensive part of the city, one where fancy boutiques were and snobbish people lived. But it was segregated.

Squids lived on the west side of the neighborhood as Octos lived on the east, both never colliding as there was different schools. Sakura went to a public school after being bullied at her old private school. She enjoyed public school a lot, liking the diverse culture and societies, and the school not being segregated as she was friends with a few Octos, one of which was a shy girl about her age or younger in her grade. The one school she went to was almost a half hour walk and only a fifteen minute bike ride if she didn't get all red lights and idiot drivers who are not wide awake.

She sighed and changed the channel, starting to do channel surfing as her phone kept going off, not in the mood to talk. Since Volga disappeared, she started sleeping in his bed, feeling the attic like loft becoming claustrophobic for her taste. It was a nice loft anyway, her bed up on it as well as a paint easel then under it was her desk with a SquidBook and a pink Bluetooth mouse, and a plush purple chair scooted out all the time. The opposing side of the attic was boxes of old stuff and a few old beds that Fi and Lana slept in when they stayed with the Prenoto's for a few months to save up money.

The teen turned the TV off and went to her bedroom, opening the door and closing it behind her, laying right down on the bed and snuggling the pillow. She had homework to do but didn't feel the mood to do it, feeling pretty sad after thinking about Volga. The bedroom was left the way he had it organized, his desk looking out the window with a lamp to the corner of it as a trash bin was underneath it. The bed had the same comforter set on it as it was left and Sakura made sure it didn't seem touched when she left in the morning.

When her mother came home, Sakura was asleep as the door creaked open, her opening her eyes from the bit of light sneaking in. "Mom."

"Sorry baby, I forgot you were asleep," her mother said, walking in. "There are some rumors spreading that Callie is missing." Callie, as in Squid Sister Callie?! That woke Sakura up as she sat right up on the bed, eyes wide in shock.

"Callie is missing?! Maybe she's on vacation," Sakura chuckled as Rena shook her head. "Mom, this isn't a joke, right? I'm gonna be assigned this for the love of squid!"

Rena sat down on the bed and stroke her daughter's head. "The news is on right now if you want to watch it. Had you done your current event project yet?" Her daughter shook her head. "Good reason to watch the evening news now isn't it? Just get a few facts and call it a night."

"Fine." The teen got up as she walked to the living room, grabbing her phone as she saw text message after text message from the same person. She cleared the messages and opened her phone, going to her notes as the news went on.

"Three missing people reports had been filed. One of the longest seems to be a Mister Volga Prenoto," The reporter said, looking at her papers. "Reported missing a whole month ago now in front of St. Maria Hospital at 2:12 in the morning." Sakura started typing that down as the reporter went on. "Filed only two days ago is a little baby. Jasmin Safflina Dragmire went missing at Wahoo World as the security is under fire by many concerned parents."

Sakura almost choked on her saliva. Jasmin, as in, Jasmin Dragmire?! That tiny cute child is missing?! She quickly started texting it down. "The final missing report came in earlier today in a tweet from Marie of the Squid Sister's. Callie the superstar is missing!"

"Mom! You were right!" Sakura got off the couch and went to her mother's bedroom, opening the door. "Callie is missing! And that's not all, Jasmin is missing and Volga finally got on the news!"

"Volga did huh? Did they give the watchers our number?" Rena ask.

"Not yet! I think they will after," She looked scared, "what's gonna happen now?"

Rena sat up on the bed. "Well, the police are going to look into it and see what they will do. Until then, I want you out of the Squidbreak for now. You need to focus on your studies."

"I will Mom," Sakura closed the door and went to her bedroom, smirking.

Her mother won't notice if she's gone only for a bit a day will she? Sakura will not oblige to those kind of rules. Besides, she needs to work on her aim if she's gonna be in the turf wars.
Squid Heroes 2: 1
It's been nine months after the end of Octavio. The Zapfish is back, life is normal until a kidnap report goes up as well as superstar Callie of the Squid Sisters is missing as well as a member of the Squid Heroes. Fights between friends break out after peace and the Zapfish is missing yet again. Unlikely allies, will the Squid Heroes make it?
We get to see a teenage Sakura again and a separation!

Splatoon and the Legend of Zelda are owned by Nintendo

Jasmin is owned by Yogfan

The story is owned by me
I just remembered today is Saturday as SH2 is coming out at 10:30EST tonight. I’m going to space the time out for me to work on chapters and do stuff for Pride month.

Be on the lookout for Gay Pride!!!
I got my Octoling in splat2n but I’ll return underground to finish the trials.
You guys got any groups you can recommend to me?
I’m thinking about getting fortnite for the switch to see what the hype is all about.

I’m glad it’s free or I’ll regret it.


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Welcome to my personal art hell. I have a serious Volga x Lana problem but that doesn't need help, does it?! I got three years on here and three years of RolePlay experience.

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